The Social Systems Project has been almost entirely defined by its technical issues, with no serious attempt to manage it.  It is hoped that some people with managerial skills will recognize the value of what is being attempted and step in to help.


The project is concerned with making society work,  As such it would most naturally be treated as a non-profit organization.  There are many ways in which the methods described in written material for the project could be used for profit.  A separate website is addressed to people who might wish to use these methods for personal gain.  As explained on that site, the pursuit of profit is not inconsistent with the kind of social change which will make society better.

It seems likely that the greatest benefit to human society will come from the application of social technology in many different ways and for many different purposes.  There is certainly a potential for commercial application of social technology but the idea of this technology being entirely in the hands of people seeking a profit is disturbing.

Regardless of what business people do with social technology, there should be a non-profit organization to work on it.  This is most likely to succeed if people with management skills decide to help with it.

Anyone interested in organizing this project should first register as a user of this site, using a distinctive nickname or handle to disguise their actual identity.  Then they should use that name when posting a comment to this page or one of the posts on this site.  In that comment they should offer their services.  The site administrator will be able to work back from the nickname to the e-mail address of registered user and attempt to set up a line of communication to discuss involvement in the project.